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I have loads of favourite songs :3 
Ed sheeran -Photograph, Ed Sheeran - cold coffee, Busted - Everything I knew, Ed Sheeran - u.n.i, Ed Sheeran - give me love, Ed Sheeran - Thinking out loud, Mcfly - shine a light
And a few more :3

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🎁 - Whens your birthday?

πŸŽ„ - What’s your favorite holiday?

πŸ‘» - What were you for Halloween last year?

πŸ’„ - Do you wear make-up?

πŸ’Ž - Do you have lots of jewelry?

🎒 - Ever been to a theme park? Where?

πŸŽ“ - When are you graduating?

πŸ’‰ - Are you scared of shots?

🎨 - Are you an artist?

πŸ’ˆ -How long/short is your hair?

🎢 - Favorite song?

🎼 - Do you play an instrument?

πŸ’ - Are you in a relationship?


mike wazowski opens up a tattoo shop called Monsters Ink

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when you meet a canadian and start a conversation





this oatmeal has god damn dinosaur eggs in it and then when you cook it THE DINOSAURS FUCKIN HATCH IM SO PUMPED

Was this post made in 1996?

fun has no expiration date